Environmental monitoring

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This handbook provides guidance on building and implementing a holistic environmental monitoring program. Topics covered include hygiene monitoring, allergens, indicator organisms, spoilage organisms, pathogens, and instructions on environmental sampling.
A powerpoint presentation explaining the need for environmental monitoring, key aspects of pathogen environmental monitoring, salmonella concerns, additional pathogens, and FSMA requirements
An explaination of what an environmental monitoring program is, why it matters, and some important testing components of an EMP.
A guide to preventing and controlling listeria monocytogenes, specifically when handling and processing fresh produce. Some topics covered include relevant federal regulation, sanitary facility design, creating an environmental monitoring plan, responding to listeria detection, food recalls, and case studies.
Information provided to FDA investigators and inspectors to assist them in their daily activities. It includes instructions for environmental and product sampling.
A video describing the need for a pest management system and how to protect against damage from pests.
This recorded webinar with transcript provides advice on how to assess an environmental monitoring program, implement best practices, and improve the overall effectiveness of a program.