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A framework for developing and implementing a risk management plan with associated activities to ensure appropriate safety measures
A checklist of questions that cover Good Manufacturing Practices as they apply to a food business with the corresponding regulation.
A series of short write ups explaining necessary components of food safety programs. These programs and policies can be part of a prerequisite program, good manufacturing practices, preventive controls, or critical control points. Topics covered include allergens, approved suppliers, calibration, cleaning and sanitizing, consumer complaints, control of foreign material, crisis management, environmental monitoring, food defense, internal audits, non-conforming products, hold and release programs, pest control, preventive maintenance, product release, product specifications, quality control, recall program, receiving program, training program, verification program, and water supply.
An overview of food safety resources to assist processors, especially those working with dairy, on developing, documenting, and implementing a safer food practice.
This brief write up discusses the requirements that a facility must meet to follow GMP requirements, including personnel, sanitation SOPs, equipment, processes and controls.
A brief FAQ sheet that explains what the eight major allergens are and how to disclose them
Keywords: allergens, GMPs, labeling
A description of the FSMA Final rule for Preventive Controls for Human food, key requirements, assistance for industry, meetings and webinars, related guidance, supporting material, and contact information
The FSPCA training curriculum to guide processors though the PC rule. Topics covered include biological, chemical, physical, and economically motivated hazards, verification and validation procedures, record keeping procedures, process preventive controls, resources for food safety plans, sanitation preventive controls, supply chain preventive controls, recall plans, worksheets, templates, and examples.
An overview of Good Manufacturing practices and some of the components necessary to ensure a safe and sanitary manufacturing environment, including buildings and facilities, sanitary facilities and controls, and equipment and utensils.
A Q&A sheet regarding who is covered by the PCHF rule and what that entails
Keywords: visual aids, GMPs, HACCP
A web page summarizing helpful resources specifically for those who can foods. Includes links to preservation safety resources, reference books, and labs in Connecticut that can test food for safety.
A fact sheet highlighting the need for refrigeration as a preservation tool for some foods, required temperatures to keep food safe, and other sanitation measures that processors can take to prevent contamination. Note: This document was created prior to 21 CFR 117 and FDA documents should be consulted for additional guidance.
A glossary and checklist offering safer equipment design to reduce risk of listeria in facilities that use conveyor belts, slicers, dicers, and peelers
A guide designed to provide small entity processors with the most essential aspects of FSMA's Good Manufacturing Practice, Hazard Analysis, and Risk-Based Preventive Controls for Human Food Rule.
Keywords: HARPC, HACCP, GMPs
A document explaining some of the new regulations introduced in 21 CFR 117 (Current Good Manufacturing Practice, Hazard Analysis, and Risk Based Preventive Controls for Human Food), useful definitions, summaries of the different subparts, and includes examples of which subparts may apply to different foods.
Keywords: GMPs, HARPC, definitions