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FSMIP funds applied research projects that address barriers, challenges, and opportunities in marketing, transportation, and distribution of food and agricultural products. FSMIP will not award grant funds for projects that solely benefit one individual farm or agribusiness. FSMIP projects must benefit multiple producers or agribusinesses, or have agricultural sector-wide impact.
The MFVP will provide funding through grants to support food ventures to improve access to Massachusetts grown, harvested or caught food products through the development of collaborations with local agricultural enterprises and private/public entities. Key areas for investment include: food processing infrastructure.
Matching grants for enhancing production of value-added agricultural products and/or manufacturing efficiencies, transitioning to operation as a new processor or expansion as an existing processor, addressing known bottlenecks along the supply chain.
The Farm Transition Grant Program (FTG) is a competitive matching grant program for Connecticut farmers and agricultural cooperatives to support the diversification of existing farm operations, transitioning to value-added agricultural production and sales, and other venues in which a majority of products sold are grown in the state. Please be aware: This is a reimbursement grant.
MTI offers matching grants, loans, equity investments, and services to businesses, organizations, and individuals to support Maine’s innovation economy. Proposals need to address creation or retention of quality jobs statewide, growth and acceleration of revenues, or attraction and leveraging of additional capital or other investments.
Matching grants to support development of Vermont-based working lands businesses through technical assistance and other forms of support, which may cover topic(s) such as: market development, marketing plans, and sales; business and financial planning; business responses to COVID-19; enterprise transitions for next generation business owners and post succession;`access to capital; manufacturing efficiencies or process flow; business research and development
Matching grants that provide Vermont agriculture and forestry businesses with funds to identify, plan, exhibit and sell their Vermont products at out-of-state trade shows. Note: the grant has not yet been approved for 2021.