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An extensive guide through food labeling requirements
A short video that explains the difference between cross-contact vs cross-contamination of different foods, and how each can make people sick.
A guidance document from the FDA containing recommendations for labeling sesame as an allergen. Please not that this guidance was drafted prior to the FASTER Act, which will require sesame disclosure on foods.
An introduction to food allergies, including what the eight major allergens are, the need for labeling, other common allergens and allergenic substances, and consumer information regarding allergens.
A brief FAQ sheet that explains what the eight major allergens are and how to disclose them
Keywords: allergens, GMPs, labeling
The FSPCA training curriculum to guide processors though the PC rule. Topics covered include biological, chemical, physical, and economically motivated hazards, verification and validation procedures, record keeping procedures, process preventive controls, resources for food safety plans, sanitation preventive controls, supply chain preventive controls, recall plans, worksheets, templates, and examples.
A detailed guide to processing nuts according PCFH guidelines
This article explains recent updates to allergen labeling requirements to include sesame labeling by January 1, 2023.