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An overview of listeria impact, detection, and prevention for dairy producers and processors
Grants that provide funds to established value-added dairy processors in the Northeast U.S. to access professional marketing and branding services to elevate their businesses.
A collection of templates and educational documents specifically targeted at ice cream manufacturers, but that can be adapted for other foods. Some of the templates include: GMP training, allergen controls, record keeping, visitor policies, receiving logs, mock recalls, and HACCP.
An overview of food safety resources to assist processors, especially those working with dairy, on developing, documenting, and implementing a safer food practice.
A checklist for evaluating equipment and facility design for working with meat, poultry, seafood, and dairy. Includes checklists in English and Chinese for the meat, poultry and seafood checklist.
A detailed scientific examination of alternatives to pasteurization that still allow some level of food safety, possibly even equivalent to pasteurization
Dairy processors can be nominated for awards that carry a financial component. Winners in the Outstanding Dairy Processing & Manufacturing Sustainability category demonstrate steps to innovate, measure and communicate progress.