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A guide to writing sanitation standard operating procedures (SSOPs), with an explanation of the reasoning behind SSOPs, necessary components, tips for writing, and sample SSOPs to serve as guidance. Please note that this is an archived version of the article.
This document explains the details of equipment cleaning and sanitizing procedures in food-processing and/or food-handling operations.
An overview of sanitations procedures to control allergens. This includes common components of sanitation standard operating procedures, successful sanitation approaches, and other approaches for limiting allergen cross contact.
A database of cleaning chemicals and agents that have been approved for foods processing and manufacturing facilities in New York State.
A detailed guide to filth reduction and mitigation strategies, good agricultural practices, and hazard analysis critical control point strategies for spices
Keywords: spices, HACCP, SSOPs
This article discusses the core components of a SSOP and what specific documents should include as part of a successful and current plan.
A guidance publication describing the need to prevent listeria contamination in food and how to ensure a food establishment has appropriate safety measures in place
An introduction to the importance of envionmental sampling in detecting and sanitizing to reduce pathogens, with visual and written instructions on sampling.
This is an introductory course on food safety and sanitary practices for commercial manufacturers of food products.This course teaches you the essentials of food safety, food microbiology, sanitary design principles for facilities and equipment, worker hygiene practices, correct procedures for cleaning and sanitizing, food defense and plant security, and more.
An overview of food safety resources to assist processors, especially those working with dairy, on developing, documenting, and implementing a safer food practice.
A guide to preventing and controlling listeria monocytogenes, specifically when handling and processing fresh produce. Some topics covered include relevant federal regulation, sanitary facility design, creating an environmental monitoring plan, responding to listeria detection, food recalls, and case studies.
Information provided to FDA investigators and inspectors to assist them in their daily activities. It includes instructions for environmental and product sampling.
A checklist for evaluating equipment and facility design for working with low-moisture foods. Includes checklists in English, Chinese, and German.
A checklist for evaluating equipment and facility design for working with meat, poultry, seafood, and dairy. Includes checklists in English and Chinese for the meat, poultry and seafood checklist.
A guide to sanitation requirements for food establishments in New Jersey, including definitions, requirements for employee hygiene, facility sanitation, and licensing. Note that this guide predates 21 CFR 117 and that users should consult additional resources for up to date information.
A detailed guide, with pictures, to wet sanitation procedures as part of an SSOP. This document also includes an employee training record at the bottom.