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A short introduction for producers of acidified foods to developing a recall plan. Note: This document was created prior to 21 CFR 117 and FDA documents should be consulted for additional guidance.
A website explaining what the Reportable Food Registry is and who should use it. Includes a video guide.
A series of videos that offer step-by-step instructions on how to use the FDA's Food Safety Plan Builder software.
This question and answer sheet explains some of the definitions and activities that require a facility to register with the FDA.
An overview of the legal implications of foodborne illness and strategies to limit liability
A guidance publication that explains the specific regulation for juice producers, as well as exemptions and information on complying with HACCP policies.
An extensive questions and answers sheet for food facilities to understand who, when, and how to register with the FDA as part of the Food Safety Modernization Act.
A guidance publication explaining which records producers are required to maintain, how long they must be held, which records are exempt, who must keep records, and how the FDA will go about requesting records.
A direct link to the regulatory language relevant to Connecticut food processors.
A webpage with helpful links for Connecticut food processors including how to start a business and necessary resources for different types of foods.
A brief write up that explains what a facility must do to be considered a qualified facility, with links to additional guidance, forms, and instructions
A brief write-up discussing needed documentation for a facility to comply with the Preventive Controls rule