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A quick questions and answers sheet that explains the basic components of the preventive controls rule and who needs to comply with them.
A question and answer sheet that clarifies the differences between a retail food establishment and a farm mixed-type facility, which FSMA rules apply, and some exceptions to the rule.
A list explaining the conditions that must be met for farms of a certain size that perform certain actions to not need to follow the HARPC or SCP (supply chain program) portions of the preventive controls rule.
A brief FAQ sheet for Qualified Exempt Facilities explaining what steps facilities must take to be federally compliant, and which FSMA rules do not apply.
A guide that explains what constitutes a qualified facility and how this impacts the Preventive Controls for Human Food Rule.
A guidance publication to help processors determine the number of full time employees or equivalent for the purposes of being classified as a small business under FSMA
An interactive guide for users to answer questions that will help them understand if they must register with the FDA and how to categorize their food operations.
A webpage with helpful links for Connecticut food processors including how to start a business and necessary resources for different types of foods.
A brief write up that explains what a facility must do to be considered a qualified facility, with links to additional guidance, forms, and instructions