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An introduction to facilities covered under the Pennsylvania Food Protection Act and the Frozen Dessert Law. It contains links to specific guidance for frozen desserts, commercial food establishments, limited food establishments, and shellfish/seafood establishments.
A collection of documents, forms, and regulations useful for food processors seeking to comply with local food safety laws.
This question and answer sheet explains some of the definitions and activities that require a facility to register with the FDA.
An extensive questions and answers sheet for food facilities to understand who, when, and how to register with the FDA as part of the Food Safety Modernization Act.
An interactive guide for users to answer questions that will help them understand if they must register with the FDA and how to categorize their food operations.
Legislation passed by the State of New York concerning the licensing of food processing establishments, including exemptions, licensing, review, investigations, records, and rules.
A brief write up that explains what a facility must do to be considered a qualified facility, with links to additional guidance, forms, and instructions