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Services, training and resources to assist stakeholders in meeting PCHF rule requirements such as developing food safety plans or obtaining a scheduled process.

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An introduction to the PCHF Rule, with some specific resources for Pennsylvania food processors.
An introduction to the Food Innovation Center, a food business incubator and accelerator. The Center serves as a industry expert and development facility for small and very small processors in New Jersey.
An introductory page for Maryland food processors. It contains links to laws and statutes, marketing and business resources, and a resource directory.
An introduction to West Virginia University's Extension Service Food Production Safety Program, which seeks to work with food producers on growing and producing safe food in state
A site created by the University of Delaware's Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources. It includes links for upcoming food safety trainings.
An introduction to food safety resources an authorities at the University of Maine. This includes training opportunities and testing services.
An introduction to the PCHF Rule, with articles, videos, and online tools for New Hampshire food processors.
A collection of resources for food processors offered in partnership with the University of Vermont.
Keywords: Vermont
An introductory document for food manufacturers and processors in Vermont, with information on regulations, food safety training, and general education.
The home page for the Connecticut Food Association, and organization dedicated to Connecticut food producers and processors create a successful product and connect to buyers.
A web page summarizing helpful resources specifically for those who can foods. Includes links to preservation safety resources, reference books, and labs in Connecticut that can test food for safety.
A guide for home food processors on manufacturing and selling cottage foods in New Hampshire.
An introduction to the University of Massachusetts Amherst's Food Science Extension program, with resources for food safety planning, business planning, trainings, contacts for professionals, and getting started guides.

NECAFS Partner Programs

An introduction to Penn State University Extension Program's page for commercial food processors, including informative articles, classes, news, and webinars. The page also offers contact information for local food safety experts and an introduction to FSMA.

Specialty Food Groups/Associations

The website for the National Farmers Union, a consortium of farmers and stakeholders. This page focuses on food safety within farms and includes a sample food safety plan, and food safety education resources.
Keywords: farm
A webpage with helpful links for Connecticut food processors including how to start a business and necessary resources for different types of foods.

Additional Extension Programs/Regional Centers

A list with links to each state's university department of extension website.